Ultimate Guide: Best Health Insurance for 870 Visa

Best Health Insurance for 870 Visa

If you’re considering applying for an 870 Visa in Australia, it’s important to understand the requirements for health insurance. The 870 Visa is a temporary visa for non-residents aged 45 years or older who wish to spend time in Australia with their family. To ensure a smooth process and meet visa requirements, it is vital to select the best health insurance plan for your needs.

Why is Health Insurance Important?

Health insurance is a crucial aspect of living in Australia, even on a temporary basis. It provides coverage for medical services and helps protect individuals and their families from unexpected medical costs. Health insurance is required to apply for an 870 Visa and must meet certain criteria.

Key Considerations for Health Insurance on 870 Visa

When choosing health insurance for your 870 Visa, keep in mind the following key considerations:

  • Visa Requirements: The health insurance must be valid for the duration of the visa. It should provide adequate coverage for hospitalization, medical services, and emergency repatriation.
  • Medical Coverage: Check if the health insurance plan covers hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, prescription medication, and emergency medical services.
  • Extras Coverage: Consider whether you want extras coverage for services such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatments.
  • Waiting Periods: Be aware of waiting periods for certain services, as you might need immediate medical attention upon arrival in Australia.
  • Network of Providers: Look for health insurance providers with a wide network of hospitals, doctors, and healthcare professionals, ensuring easy access to medical facilities.
  • Price: Compare the prices of different health insurance plans to find the one that best fits your budget while providing the necessary coverage.

Best Health Insurance Options for 870 Visa Holders

Now that we have covered the key considerations, let’s explore the best health insurance options for 870 Visa holders:

1. Medibank

Medibank is one of Australia’s largest health insurers and offers a range of health insurance options suitable for 870 Visa holders. They have comprehensive coverage for medical services, hospital stays, and emergency medical care. Medibank also provides extras coverage for various treatments, including dental and optical services.

Pros Cons
Wide network of providers Higher premium compared to some other insurers
Extras coverage for dental and optical services Some waiting periods may apply
24/7 helpline for medical advice

2. Bupa

Bupa is another reputable health insurance provider offering tailored plans for 870 Visa holders. They provide comprehensive coverage for hospital stays, surgeries, and medical consultations. Bupa also offers extras coverage for services like dental and physiotherapy.

Pros Cons
Global network of hospitals and clinics Higher premium for comprehensive coverage
Extras coverage including dental and physiotherapy Waiting periods for some services
24/7 helpline for medical advice

3. Hcf

HCF is a not-for-profit health insurance provider with a focus on member benefits. They offer competitive health insurance plans suitable for 870 Visa holders, including hospital and extras coverage. HCF has an extensive network of providers and offers a range of additional perks like discounts on gym memberships.

Pros Cons
Competitive pricing May have waiting periods for certain services
Extra benefits like discounts on gym memberships Could have some limitations on extras coverage
24/7 helpline for medical advice

Frequently Asked Questions Of Ultimate Guide: Best Health Insurance For 870 Visa

What Is The Best Health Insurance For 870 Visa Holders?

Finding the best health insurance for 870 Visa holders depends on individual needs and budget. It’s essential to compare coverage and costs to make an informed decision.

How Can I Choose The Right Health Insurance For My Needs?

Consider factors such as coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription medications, and specialist treatments. Choose a plan that offers adequate coverage in these areas.

What Should I Look For When Comparing Health Insurance Plans?

Look for plans with comprehensive coverage, affordable premiums, a wide network of healthcare providers, and flexible policy features that align with your healthcare needs.

Does Health Insurance For 870 Visa Holders Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

Coverage for pre-existing conditions varies among health insurance plans. It’s crucial to review the policy details to understand any limitations and exclusions.


Choosing the best health insurance for your 870 Visa is crucial to meet visa requirements and protect yourself from unexpected medical costs. Consider the specific needs of yourself and your family, compare different health insurance providers, and assess the coverage options offered by each. Medibank, Bupa, and HCF are all reputable health insurance providers in Australia offering tailored plans suitable for 870 Visa holders. By carefully selecting the right health insurance plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are well-covered during your stay in Australia.

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